Getting to Yaroslavl

If you are on a package holiday, it is likely that your transport to Yaroslavl will be arranged for you. However, if you need to arrange your own transport from Moscow to Yaroslavl, here are some options:


This is probably the easiest option, as the taxi can meet you at your airport of arrival, and take you directly to where you are staying in Yaroslavl. please contact us for details. The travel time from Moscow to Yaroslavl is usually 3-4 hours, depending on the Moscow traffic.

NOTE: We strongly advise that you pre-book a taxi. When you arrive at your airport in Moscow, there will be many taxi drivers offering their services - some quite forcefully - we strongly advise that you DO NOT take one of these taxis - they can be very dangerous, and also very expensive.


It is also possible to travel to Yaroslavl by train. If you do not speak Russian, it can be very difficult to buy a train ticket at the station. You will also need to show your passport when travelling by train.

It is now possible to buy train tickets in advance of your Russian visit. For example Real Russia is a UK agency based in London that provides this capability. It also provides a lot of useful advice on their website about visiting Russia.

The Yaroslavl Russian Language Centre Travel page also provides useful information about travelling from Moscow to Yaroslavl. This page also includes a useful note about the need to register your transit card within 3 working days of entering Russia.